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Through our store, we sell donated clothing, household items and furniture. Proceeds from these sales help us to support our local food bank and other projects.

Store news

Donations Needed!

Sep 1, 2016

We are in need of gently used St. Stephen's Secondary School uniforms in all sizes and styles - dress shirts, dress pants, sweaters, vests, cardigans, shorts/capris etc. 

CP Holiday Train

Nov 30, 2015

The CP Holiday Train rolled into Bowmanville this afternoon. And although it was fashionably late, there was a great turn out. Thank you so much to everyone who came out with their food and monetary donations. And thank you to CP HolidayTrain for their generous donation to St. Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army and Clarington East food banks. Merry Christmas! :)


December Auction

Nov 27, 2015

Our December Auction (AKA Christmas part II) will start on Saturday November 28th and run until Saturday December 12th. Live bidding will commence at 1pm on December 12th. Hope to see you for SVDP's last Auction of 2015! :) Here's a sneap peek of some our our unique items.


Store info

Saint Vincent de Paul Value Store
79 King St E
Bowmanville, ON
P: 905-623-7941
Mon - Sat 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Sun Closed

About Our Store

The Saint Vincent de Paul Value Store sells donated clothing, household items, toys, electronics, and furniture, the proceeds of which help fund the food bank and allow us to help families and individuals in need with rent, utilities, and other necessities. Through our store we are also able to provide a free voucher system which allows us to provide items such as furniture, clothing and new mattresses to those in need, free of charge.

Our store sells approximately 90% of donations we receive. We have an excellent recycling program which allows us to recycle clothing, linen, shoes and other items. These "unsellables" are sent overseas or are broken down into new material. Less than 10% of items received go into the landfill. We are environmentally conscious and aware, keeping thousands of tons of items, including furniture, out of landfills each and every year. Proceeds from our recycling program go to support our many projects.

We operate on a joint volunteer-paid management team. 80% of our staff are volunteers; 20% are paid management staff. Our volunteers work tirelessly sorting every item that comes into our store. Our management team helps to ensure smooth operations of the day-to-day tasks, as well, as ensuring that vouchers are filled and people in crisis situations are made top priority.

After all of our expenses are paid (including rent and utilities for our building, diesel and maintenance on our truck, salary for the management team), all 'profit' from the store is used to help those in need through our many programs.